SIR: boy (originally a boys label but ends up it also looks pretty rad on girls too) Also went really well with the word Seraph (which I loved) & I feel it has a cool vibe to it. SERAPH (pronounced Seh-ruhf): a heavenly being (all our children are). A Seraph is a member of a group of angels called seraphim, who have 6 wings – when designing this about 1 & half years ago now i only had my 3 sons, so I thought that’s a set of wings to represent each of my sons (recently had my forth son).

Seraphic is a word meaning ‘angelic’, which is how I see children, they are all so pure & innocent. A seraph also symbolises fire & being fierce & energetic (just like boys all are) . And lastly a seraphim also being represented as a serpent/snake (aka my little snake icon logo). And there you have ‘Sir Seraph’ born.

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