Silkana Swimwear grew from exotic roots in Bali & has become an established luxury swimwear brand flowing quietly throughout the world.
It’s fuelled by hot latin blood and vibrant Spanish beach culture blending with the desires of modern women in beautiful destinations.
Our styles, colours & cuts empower women to look magnificent wherever they wander.
Silkana is the creation of Spanish fashion designer EPR who grew up imersed the fashion powerhouse of Madrid
& flamboyant infamous beach islands of Ibiza & Formentera, then made the World her fashion hunting grounds.
Her headstrong passion & dedication to perfection in the right modern blend of iconic styles
& beautiful knit techniques hailing back to the original hippy days, have been built into every collection & piece.
Staying away from production factories, Silkana supply the highest quality, globaly selected materials
& work tirelessly with individual tailors and seamstresses who master in their craft and live in the colourful back streets
& villages of Bali, this way truely supporting small operators in their own mystical culture, giving the knowledge of an authentic,
time spent, handmade swimsuit with rich history built into its existence. Each order is made in small batch runs.
Each piece can be considered a unique piece of art.
On our label are the words feel special this is the way we wish you to proudly feel when you step out wearing Silkana.

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