Mrs. Mighetto Mr William & The Carousel 2pack

2pack 18 × 24 cm

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Mrs. Mighetto Mr William & The Carousel 2pack

Pack 2 Mr William and The Night Carousel prints. Mrs Mighetto's new collection "The Forgotten Tivoli" takes us back to the old amusement park ... For many years people talked about Tivoli, but now it seems to have been lost in memory. They told stories of figures with special powers that could stop time and could hide from the world. It is rumored that a select few heroes were hidden in a very secret location when evil tried to eradicate good. But that was so long ago that no one tries to discover the truth anymore ...

Mr William
… Few people have seen William still. It is fast as a firefly and not even the wind can reach it. William has a large garage full of vehicles that he is always working on. One day you may be building a time machine and the next, a flying bicycle.

The Night Carousel

… When the night knocks on the doors of the Tivoli, the forgotten carousel awakens. The little garlands light up and crackle with a fragile warm glow. The smell of roasted almonds and hot sugar seems to come out of nowhere. In a signal, the lonely streets are transformed into a vibrant party and, the Tivoli comes to life.

Poster measures 18 × 24 cm and is printed on 200g matte paper to maintain the pleasant feel of the watercolor original. Includes a postcard with the story of the illustration.

Limited edition 2017.

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