MAQÉ The Protector 15mm Silver Safari blend



MAQÉ The Protector 15mm Silver Safari blend

Subtle color tones and therefor super tasteful! This 'safari' blend MAQÉ has a macrame blend of taupe, mid brown and beige is our top seller for men. The black ethically mined jade stones stand out and give the this bracelet a bold look. Worn with a watch or other bracelet this MAQÉ piece is a real statement piece.


  • 15 mm wide macramé band

  • available in sizes 200mm (standard) and 210mm (large)

  • 3 gblack nephrite (jade) stones with a total of 4.4 carats (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece)

  • safari blend: a mix of taupe, middle brown and beige

  • unique signature cut: Mgoun cut

  • a total of 2.52 gr recycled silver 925 (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece)

  • the stones are set in a faceted solid silver case

  • solid recycled silver button lock with MAQÉ logo


Black nephrite (jade) is often referred to as an important tool for looking inward, it allows for honest self-evaluation and helps absorb unhealthy and destructive emotions. A talisman for following your own truth and protecting you from negatieve influences from the outside. We source our black nephrite from Wyoming in the USA.


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