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I.AM.CAPS I.AM.turmeric
10 capsules

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Let’s make those golden lattes! Meet I.AM.turmeric. This bright orange powder has been used as spice and medicinal herb in India for centuries. Turmeric has become very popular worldwide and this spice did not go unnoticed by scientists. Many studies have shown the numerous health benefits of turmeric, such as its anti-inflammatory aspects, its ability to prevent various diseases and its ability to boost the brain function. If we must believe these scientists, this bright orange drink will not only boost your health, but it will also spice up day due to its strong flavor. I.AM.turmeric is perfect for vegans and does not contain any additives. If you would like to sweeten up your drink, we advise you to add some honey, sugar or other sweeteners. The perfect serving size for our capsules is 40 ml. Therefore, we strongly advise you to use the "espresso" (so small) sized button of your Nespresso® device. If you wish to drink your beverage as lungo, please add some boiled water. You can drink I.AM.turmeric as a shot (40 ml), lungo (by adding boiled water) or with frothed (plant-based) milk to turn it into a 'golden' latte.

Ingredients: 100% turmeric. There are no additives and added sugars in our products.

Nutritional information: We're currently doing scientific research to the exact nutritional values of our products. However, since our products are only an extraction of the ingredients they are low in calories, fats, carbs, sugars and proteins.

I.AM.caps was founded by three generations of life enthusiasts in search for alternatives to coffee. They were determined to offer a healthy refreshment in the form of a capsule. Different flavors and bright colors, in order to spread happiness and love to every single person on this planet. They seem to be on to something...

These Nespresso compatible capsules are the perfect alternative to caffeinated drinks. Drink them hot or cold, with or without your favourite (plant based) milk.

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