Masculine Over Feminine by Giulia Caruso, Limited Edition

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Masculine over feminine by Giulia Caruso, Limited Edition 

Masculine over feminine energy Ibiza is well know for attracting and calling powerful women around the world that become obsessed by the idea of moving on the island.

This is where they develop their strength and creativity and are able to empower themselves. Often the male partners of these women move to Ibiza and soon get “lost” on the island of perdition.

The abusive energy of the male (triangle in the circle pattern) is often suffered deeply from the woman in the relationship. She absorbs her man’s sufferance and hate, as you see into her androgynous look.

Often the man leaves and abandons himself by following his addictions and the woman grows out and empowers herself even more.


Size:  50cm x 70cm

Paper: 320 grams

Mixed media artist

Limited edition, Signed & Numbered

My work is influenced by the love that I hold for Ibiza. In my female portraits, color patterns, natural elements and their inherent experiences are expressed.

My source of inspiration derives from multiculturalism, the emotional states of my protagonists and the island’s organic elements.

These often include seasonal fruits, trees and insects.

Big part of my inspiration comes from my background in fashion editorials.

Mixed media, including paper, markers, water color and gold leaf, are all explored in the production of my work.

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