A-La Pearl Elephant Jewelry Box


A-La Pearl Elephant Jewelry Box

This pearl À la collection elephant jewelry box is a true classic beauty with urban jungle twist, perfect for keeping your rings safe and sound or just to admire.

Founded by two women who wanted to give back while traveling the world, À la collection started in a bar in India by drawing designs of gifts for friends at home on coasters to have made by local families. Inspired by all the talent and craftsmanship, they wanted to adopt and share the gorgeousness. Now, they still work together with small family businesses under fair working conditions to make the most beautiful conscious interior pieces, home decor and jewelry. À la collection is run by girlboss Laura from the cute city of Haarlem, but her heart and craftsmen & -women are in India. Together, they make timeless, eye-catching treasures you'll want to keep forever.

Collections: À-LA COLLECTION, Home Decoration, INTERIOR

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