Painting to me is such an outlet of emotions and creativity. I get totally caught up in it and it makes me feel this flow of being in the present moment. I usually just like to start without an idea of what to paint. Just playing with colours and shades, turning it upside down, moving it around, distancing myself away from it to see if something wants to come out.

I love when I start seeing something and then I just add more and more paint and layers. Leave it for some time and then paint again and again until it feels like it's finished. It's a feeling of freedom to be able to just follow your intuition like that. I just painted for myself but as the response was so good when I shared them I decided to finally start seeing it as a bigger project.

It's super inspirational to start a new journey. Although it feels very related to my musical journey. Mixing music and mixing colours are not that different.

I'm also feeling they could be a way to raise awareness and money to projects and charities I want to support. That brings a deeper meaning to it. For example when I painted the orangutang I was talking to him in my mind and we decided to donate the money for that painting to an orangutang project.

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