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Can Cantó Luxery Ibiza Finca

diciembre 05, 2020

Can Cantó Luxery Ibiza Finca

We call it fabulous finca for a few reasons.
Located in the heart of the island, close to the hippie chic town
of Santa Gertrudis.
Offering romance and complete privacy!
Discover the authentic Ibiza finca lifestyle and the slow mood
of the campo.
The magnificent pool area is set in Mediterranean gardens with
palm - olive - and citrus trees.
As you enter the walls you immediately feel at home and relaxed.
The finca, transformed by famous architect Blakstad,
into a contemporary masterpiece, fusing Ibiza authenticity
with modernity. Rated by clients as "supreme and magic beauty".
Can Cantó Ibiza is a tribute to the Phoenicians, who discovered Ibiza.
The pool is magnificent and the crown jewel of this fabulous finca.
From the terrace, you drop down a wonderful staircase
flanked by lavender to arrive at the stunning pool area.
There is a very spacious open plan living room in the heart of the house
with an open kitchen and dining areas leading onto a large
covered terrace for blissful summer living. 
A well equipped kitchen,
connected to the salon and the covered terrace 💫
With airconditioning for hot summers and floor heating
for warm happy feet in winters
There are 4 large double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom and 
3 bathrooms plus an open spa with shower and bath,
making this the ideal house for a family or group of friends.
This romantic paradise will offer you lots of private spaces.
Located at the heart of the island, close to all hot spots,
on a hill and surrounded by 3,200m2 Mediterranean gardens,
Can Cantó Ibiza offers both stunning campo and forest views,
and a magnificent glimpse of D’alt Villa at night.
Can Cantó Luxery Ibiza Finca - 123IBIZA
Breathe in the campo | Discover Ibiza finca lifestyle
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