My art
My work is influenced by the love that I hold for Ibiza. In my female portraits, colorpatterns, natural elements and their inherent experiences are expressed. My source of inspiration derives from multiculturalism, the emotional states of my protagonists and the island’s organic elements.These often include seasonal fruits, trees and insects. Big part of my inspiration comes from my background in fashion editorials. Mixed media, including paper, markers, water color and gold leaf, are all explored in the production of my work.
About me
My name is Giulia Caruso, I live in Ibiza and I am a portrait artist.
Born into an Italian family, I spent the first two years of my life in the African Sahara. As a result of my father’s profession, we then moved to South Africa, spending four blissful years in the country. These incredible experiences have shaped my personality and given me a curiosity to travel and discover the world and it’s many cultures.
At the age of seven, I moved back to Pavia in northern Italy - a city residing next to Milan. Growing up I was a rebellious teenager passionate about culture, philosophy, fashion and the world of art. I studied fashion styling at Milan’s renowned Istituto Marangoni which nurtured my love for The Arts. I then decided to move to London to pursue my lust for creativity, later graduating at the London College of Communication with a BA in Media and Cultural Studies.
Since graduating, I have travelled the world, working in the film industry in Paris on an independent film as well as an art teacher in Pavia for five years.
However, the island of Ibiza has been calling me for many years and I felt like I had to come and do something important here. In January 2010, I made the leap to leave my job, buy a campervan and move over with my husband and children. This was the moment when all of my creativity was liberated and I knew what direction to take my work.
As a creative, it is my desire to give a voice to the feminine energy in Ibiza. The women in my portraits embody all of my previous experiences where I work with patterns and am inspired by textiles. My colour palette repeats itself and is a reflection of the hues of the island.
My work is divided in between the production for galleries and the portrait I am commissioned by private clients. The study and the interpretation I make of the person I portray makes my work unique and tailormade. I am now commissioned for personal portraits worldwide.
My art is now represented by Sonia Monti Galerie in Paris and AHOY art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca.
December 2020, LAS Dalias, Ibiza, SPAIN
January 2021, Bit art GALLERY, Milano, ITALY
March 2021, Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris , FRANCE
April 2021, AHOY Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN
April 2021, Nagai, Ibiza, SPAIN
Annuario artisti “Mondadori 2021”, April 2021 ITALY

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